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Happy Sunday

It’s been a busy week full of just…stuff. I feel like time isn’t slowing down at all. We’re going into week 6 of the semester and I feel like we just started yesterday. I squeezed in leg day Thursday and Ghost Lake day yesterday (13 levels of “fear” with zombies chasing you with chainsaws). I’ve kept track of every little morsel I’ve eaten with the myfitnesspal app (which is absolutely fabulous!), and I think I earned a little cheat day for Sundays. I had Chinese with some friends for lunch, and now I’ve got coffee brewing and a NASCAR race on the radio.

When we went to Ghost Lake last night I left my phone in the car for three hours. For some, this is impossible. I found it to be a refreshing experience. We all need to unplug and just enjoy the moment.

Homecoming is this week! I usually never go out, but it’s interesting what alums will show up on campus…

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GSC Countdown: 147 days.

So it’s 147 days until PHM/GSC weekend. The official Galloway training plan doesn’t start until Tuesday, so I figured I would begin with some preconditioning to get me in shape for all those long runs that I will be doing in the coming months.

After Singers rehearsal, I made my way to our campus gym. Today’s workout consisted of 3/4 of a mile on the treadmill, lots of arm/lifting stuff (lat raises, triceps, rows, shoulder presses), and trying out our new dumbbells for bicep curls. (Granted, I’m only starting at 5 lbs, but lots of reps = progress.) I also engaged in abdominal exercises via Debbie Seibers’ Slim in 6 Pack workout. My core was on fire, but it felt amazing.

I also ate really well today. After coffee and mini Reese cup pumpkins for breakfast, I noshed on salad, steamed veggies, and rice/stir fry at the chow hall after my workout. I completed my myfitnesspal entry and even with the treats, the calorie counts were very reasonable. After a three hour nap, I had a baked potato with salsa for dinner (one of my favorites!).

Tomorrow is leg day. I might collapse behind the timpani during Symphonic Winds in the afternoon. 😛

Even for my first day, I consider this an accomplishment since I haven’t done much since I ran the PHM in February.