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Ready for tomorrow!
Ready for tomorrow!
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Turkey Trot Prep/Rant

I signed up for a 10k Turkey Trot back in October, and race day is tomorrow! YAY!! I’m pretty sure doing 6.2 will give me the kick start I need for GSC mileage training. I cranked out 4 miles in 55:37 this afternoon. I’m happy with that. I have no idea what conditions will be on the course, so I might go faster or slower than predicted.

I have been asked by random people, with regards to this 10k in particular, about how fast I plan on finishing. I tell them, “Fast enough to finish,” but that still doesn’t shut them up long enough to offer so-called “advice” about what I SHOULD be running. (Insert rant: Um, hello? You are NOT me, in any way, shape, or form. You don’t know what I’m capable of handling when it comes to running, so don’t try to tell me what I should be doing. I’m not ready to be cranking out ten-minute miles just yet. If I ever get to that point, then sure. But until then, I am not an elite. I am me. All that matters is crossing the finish line and improving my Princess Half corral placement.)

Anyone else out there having fun fielding similar questions?

(All I have to say to the crazy people is, “I don’t see you out there running 6.2, or 3.1, or 5…whatever the distance may be. I’m busting my ass to kick yours.”)

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100 Anthems and Counting :)

Tonight was a personal milestone for me. Since November 2010, I have been the national anthem vocalist for Edinboro University athletics. I have covered four different sports (basketball, wrestling, soccer, and volleyball) within three seperate athletic conferences (PSAC, NCAA, and PIAA).

After four years in the making, I sang my 100th anthem tonight. On Veteran’s Day. How fitting.

The anthem is not the easiest song in the world to sing. In fact, it has often been referred to as one of the most difficult songs to sing, memorize, and perform. When you add hundreds of fans staring at you from their bleacher seats, the pressure is on.

I’ve gone on some adventures over the last four years, although I”m proud to say that I’ve never screwed up the words/pulled a Christina Aguilera:

  1. Sometimes my tonal center goes awry and I change keys in the middle but I always find the original key in the end.
  2. The microphone adds its own sound effects (“rockets red glare”…*boom*).
  3. I have sung against a hoarde of bagpipers in the Key of D when I sing in the key of F.
  4. Battled laryngitis and dropped my original key of Ab to Eb or D (and this is tenor/bass land since I’m an alto).
  5. Had wind blowing in my face due to the fans being set up in the Fieldhouse.
  6. Had my pitch pipe knocked under the bleachers with three mintues before tipoff.
  7. Being out of my comfort zone by facing the audience instead of the flag (probably my worst anthem ever).
  8. Singing against a warm-up CD that wasn’t turned off (aka Anthem Remix!).

All in all, it has been an amazing four years. I feel SOOOOOO appreciated by our athletic department. I have received numerous compliments by administrators, fans, athletes and coaches for my talents. I am often nicknamed “The Lucky Charm”; I have an uncanny ability to make the teams win whenever I sing (most of the time). It’s true…our women’s basketball team has been to the NCAA Atlantic Regionals every season that I have sang! I haven’t kept a strict count of home wins/losses, but I would estimate 80% of my singing has contributed to wins. I still have all of the 2013-2014 season to go, and the first half of the 2014 season before graduation (possibly spring 2015 if I’m asked to come back).

I am often asked if I get paid, and I do not. I do this for the experience. I am guaranteed awesome references after I graduate. I affectionaly refer to myself the Jeff Jimerson of Edinboro Athletics (he’s the guy who consistently does the anthem for the Pittsburgh Penguins). I would love to move into the professional leagues with my anthem singing. Perhaps a runDisney race? NASCAR? Pirates/Steelers game? The possibilities are endless!

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Motivation…Even if it is on TV

Last Sunday was the NYC Marathon. I woke up naturally around 8:30 and started scrolling through my Twitter feed (@runDisneyBelle for those interesed…feel free to follow me!). I saw all these posts for the marathon and from my TrD family. I laid there for a little, and then got the mental guilt trip: “If they’re up in the freezy cold running this, I should be running to prep for my 10k.” I pulled myself out of bed, got into my workout clothes, and went over to the little gym in my apartment complex. Turning on the TV, I proceeded to do two miles in 33 minutes (not too bad), and a full circuit workout. And this was all done by 11 AM. I’ve never been a fan of morning workouts, but I’ll admit that I felt pretty good after this!

There’s something about physically watching something athletic that inspires me to get off my butt and do something. Even last year when I was prepping for the Princess Half, scrolling through runDisney pictures and watching the runDisney TV segments got me all mushy inside, and five seconds later I was lacing up my shoes. Whether it’s running, “Making the Team” featuring the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders on CMT, or even the season 14 episode of The Simpsons, “Strong Arms of the Ma,” when Marge gets into bodybuilding, seeing these visuals prompts me to go into action mode.

Pinterest has also been a great resource for fitspo. I love searching and pinning workout ideas and muscle-y bodies. And the food. All the delicious, healthy fooooooood.

What are your motivators when it comes to fitness?