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Marine Corps Marathon, Class of 2014

So very happy to announce that I have been selected from the lottery pool to run the 39th Marine Corps Marathon in October! This is such an honor, and a HUGE motivator to get back running. I saw the charge deducted from my account first, and I immediately asked on Facebook’s MCM page, “I just saw the charge. I think that’s a good sign. Can anyone confirm this?” and one of their administrators immediately did, citing, “The charge comes before the email. So you’re in!”

I pretty much died right there on the spot. Running a full marathon is a goal I wanted to accomplish this year, and I was all set with backup races in case I didn’t get into this one. But alas, the charge was there, the email came later, and I’m sitting here wondering what I’ve done to deserve such a TREMENDOUS year so far for myself. Everything is lining up the way it should be.

Any other MCM ’14 runners out there? Congrats to all who got in!!