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7 Days


One more week until I get to study abroad! WOOOOOO!

This week has been very difficult. I was let go from my job on Tuesday. I haven’t had much motivation to work out (and I’m supposed to be on week 3 of marathon training). I’m very concerned about my finances and rent. And my student debt has hit six figures and is continuing to climb steadily. How lovely is that. I often laugh whenever something goes wrong and it just snowballs from there, almost like the universe is playing some cruel joke on me. I really despise summer, as it seems everything goes wrong in my life: relationships, finances, job stuff, academic stuff, etc. I’m hoping that my two-week adventure overseas provides some sort of relief from all of this recent craziness. When you get a blow to your life such as financial distress or being laid off, you begin to doubt everything and whether you’ll ever be adequate enough or have a sense of worth again. You can often wonder, “What is wrong with me? I have all this knowledge and talent but nobody wants to utilize it.” (I sound very negative, but I refuse to deny how I feel. Acknowledging your emotions is one of the steps to rising again.)

I have been applying to other jobs. However, after being an independent contractor for the last four years, it will be very interesting going back to what is regarded as a “normal” work environment. This lay off also comes at a wacky time as I’m leaving next week, so I’m kind of stuck in limbo unti l get back. I have been thinking about working for myself, but honestly, what exactly would I be good at and would be marketable to people? I love blogging, reeeeeally love photography (but I don’t have a lot of experience with the people picture-taking aspect; I’m better with nature), I have a ton of fun with social media networking and Instagram (goes back to the love of pictures),a nd I’m a huge weather/Disney nerd. I have been Instagramming and taking a lot of pictures this week, perhaps as a form of therapy to my internal misery. I feel very accomplished and full of solace when I get that right shot.

The quest shall continue. Perhaps I’ll find my purpose soon.


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Glass Slipper Challenge…Engage

After an early afternoon full of stress and crashing websites, I finally got in for the 2015 GSC! Took me 45 minutes of refreshing and being told that “Your cart is empty!” by the web servers to finally get through. I know many princesses were having problems with the website and many skipped registration altogether as it has become like an Olympic event for runDisney racers.

I had wrestled with doing the GSC next year or forgoing it, but what would the Glass Slipper Catalyst be without its namesake race? Having done the race this year, it really has been the catalyst in my life as so many good things have happened since I’ve started running. I’ve also noticed that when I don’t work out, everything goes kersplooey. It’s almost as though I bring this incredible energy when I’m in the midst of training and racing. It’s a great feeling 🙂

Any other princesses get into the race? If so, congrats and see you in February!