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Glass Slipper Challenge…Engage

After an early afternoon full of stress and crashing websites, I finally got in for the 2015 GSC! Took me 45 minutes of refreshing and being told that “Your cart is empty!” by the web servers to finally get through. I know many princesses were having problems with the website and many skipped registration altogether as it has become like an Olympic event for runDisney racers.

I had wrestled with doing the GSC next year or forgoing it, but what would the Glass Slipper Catalyst be without its namesake race? Having done the race this year, it really has been the catalyst in my life as so many good things have happened since I’ve started running. I’ve also noticed that when I don’t work out, everything goes kersplooey. It’s almost as though I bring this incredible energy when I’m in the midst of training and racing. It’s a great feeling 🙂

Any other princesses get into the race? If so, congrats and see you in February!


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