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I’m Baaaaack!

Hello, everyone! I’m back from my Scotland trip, and I cannot wait to share my adventures with you all. Part of the coursework for the class was to create a travel blog recapping the journey. That link will be available when I begin writing.

I’m about to begin my final semester of grad school, and this semester will be chocked full of fun stuff: classes, Marine Corps Marathon training and the race, fitness and motivation things, and the rat race of finding employment and starting my life (finally!). I’m happy to have you all along for the ride, and I owe you all BIG for the last year since I haven’t blogged nearly enough as I would have liked. Thank goodness for pictures and statues to refresh my memory when it comes to writing about things.

Thanks for being a part of the journey for the first year. Let’s see what year two of The Glass Slipper Catalyst brings!

                                                            Tattoo selfie

(At the Edinbugh Military Tattoo, a night of artistical whimsy involving dancers, musicians, and plenty of bagpipes!)