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MCM 2014….26 Days!


I think I may be emulating some other runners with my though process about the 2014 MCM:

  • Totally thought this was a great idea in March when I got picked via lottery system to run. *confetti*
  • Got my Runners World training plan, which should have started in July. However, I’ve been utterly lazy. Though I’ve subsituted other forms of exercise (aka traversing Scotland for two weeks up and down hills), my longest run has been a 13-miler…two weeks ago.
  • I have less than a month to get my ass in gear.
  • This is the same way I went into the Historic Half. Enthusiastic attitude with little training. My little legs barely made it up Hospital Hill.
  • I am so dead.


  • I still have a couple of weeks to get some long runs in. My 20-miler is scheduled for the second weekend in October.
  • Marathon running is more mental than physical.
  • I will be in the best company (30,000 runners), with hundreds of thousands of fans, citizens, supporters, and military personnel on hand.
  • Running through the monuments…gorgeous. Shame this race doesn’t take place at night.
  • Breaking down the mileage makes it more manageable:
    • Running one mile 26 times with a .2 mile victory lap
    • Running eight 5K’s with a 1.4 mile victory lap
    • Running four 10K’s with a 1.4 mile victory lap

And most importantly:

  • I. Can. Do. This.

And there will be plenty of cupcakes in the future.

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Keep Calm…31 Days!


                   Keep calm and make your tea….31 days until the Marine Corps Marathon!!

It’s hard to believe that I will be returning to Washington D.C. in a month to run again. I fell in love with the city the last time I was there for the Historic Half in May (technically in Fredericksburg, but I stayed in D.C.). I’m really hoping for a good run, safety for everyone, and some leftover fall foliage with no snow.

I just ordered a new Chasse Cheer bow from OmniCheer, and it looks like I’m going red and black for my color scheme this race. Woohoo! (It’s got stars on it, so it goes well with the #runwiththemarines theme.)

Anyone else gearing up for fall races? If so, which ones?

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Sunday Runday!

MCM countdown: 41 days

Something inside me kicked on this week. Might be the realization of, “Holy crap, I’m running 26.2 NEXT MONTH…why am I being lazy NOW?!”…but no matter what it was, this week I actually got some mileage on my legs. Friday night, when the typical college student is out doing questionable things, I was in the gym accomplishing a 10K. Today, when said college students are typically nursing their night/weekend of regrets and hangovers, I was watching the Chicagoland NASCAR race while knocking out another 13.1.

19.3 miles for the weekend! Woohoo! *confetti*

It feels good to be back in the swing of being athletic. After my Scotland trip, my legs were insanley toned up and we walked anywhere between 5-9 miles a day, give or take. Since then, I was on and off between being a couch potato (thanks a lot, Every Simpsons Ever) to walking around to my classes and not using my car.

I discovered a six-week marathon plan online, and am adapting the mileage to fit me. I consider myself relatively conditioned, so we’ll see what happens. I’ll be covering about 250 miles in the next month and change, but as with any race, it’s about endurance, not speed. And with a marathon, endurance (and the overall experience!!) is critical.


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Lightning Photography and Storm Chasing

                                 Lightning strike in Edinboro, PA on 9/5/14. Photo taken by me.

Lightning strike in Edinboro, PA on 9/5/14. Taken by me with a Canon Powershot SX150 IS.

I am a storm chaser. There is something about being out in nature that is peaceful and calming; I feel like I’m one with the outdoors when I’m out taking photos…even moreso if it’s a storm. (I do play it safe, though, and know when enough is enough.) I’ve been doing my best to capture lightning photos for the last four or five years. I don’t have a method to the madness, other than a love and respect for nature, a plethora of patience, and a strong trigger finger. (I don’t have a fancy DSLR camera…just my Canon Powershot SX150 IS point-and-shoot.) With my earth science background and forecasting skills, I plot my moves based on the radar, grab the camera, and drive to a location where I can shoot. On Friday, though, I was fortunate to have this storm come straight at my apartment in Edinboro, PA, so I didn’t have to travel anywhere except to my bedroom! Once I downloaded all 550-something photos into my computer, I deleted all the ones that didn’t work (about 547-ish)…and when I opened this one up and saw the results, I essentially emulated Homer Simpson:




This photo is now the highlight of my lightning collection. It’s been retweeted by Jim Cantore of the Weather Channel (who I consider THE man of severe weather…and Dr. Greg Forbes, too!), and I was just asked by a representative from NBC Nightly News if they can use it in one of their news segments! I’m floating on cloud nine right now! It’s amazing what the power of social media can do for you. I believe they will be using it tonight, so feel free to tune in if you’re not watching football! 🙂

(Note: I never edit my lightning photos, with the exception of cropping and zooming in if the bolt is teeny tiny. Nature is amazing the way it is, so why distort the beauty?)


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Race Etiquette – Or How Not To Run With Your Head Up Your Butt

Great race tip etiquette!

Black Dog Runs Disney

As we officially kick off the race season – or at least the one that REALLY matters, (you know what I’m talking about)…


…I think it would only be responsible to cover the rules of the road.  Not that I could ever be mistaken for responsible.  Just sayin’.  I do, however, like to NOT be the knucklehead who ends up running into someone, stops suddenly and causes a pileup, or hawks a loogie, (and yes, I had to look up how to spell loogie), and ends up having it land on the poor sap unlucky enough to be running behind or next to me.

run niceCatchy title, ain’t it?

So once again I ventured into the archives of the runner’s holy grail – Runner’s World magazine – to find what words of wisdom awaited my ever inquisitive dollar machine brain.  I am glad to report I have yet to violate most…

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