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2015 NYC Marathon Drawing

After the MCM, I swore that I would not run another full.

I still swear that.

However, the website has a cute little drawing happening in which fabulous prizes can be won if chosen!

I like prizes. Especially if they involve free stuff…like free money ($500 gift cards to the ten Grand Prize winners, plus an entry). 50 other winners get an entry for the race.

What have I got to lose? Absolutely nothing. So I put my info in.

I have to wait until January to hear back. From the tens of thousands that have probably submitted their info (you have until Dec. 18th to do so!), the odds of me being chosen is pretty slim.

But that’s probably how the numbers looked for the MCM, and I still got picked.

I might eat my words from a few weeks ago. We’ll see what happens.

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Two Years, Six Races, a Few PRs…

I’ve only been running for almost two years. First race was the 2013 Princess Half (which will always be “my” race, as it started this entire journey). I only did two races that year, the second being a Turkey Trot 10K. 2014 rolls around, and here I go, running #alltheraces with Glass Slipper Challenge, Marine Corps Historic Half, and my first full, the Marine Corps Marathon. Even though I’m a self-proclaimed turtle and prefer to stay in the back of the pack during a race, I’m surprised that my PRs are not that terrible. I whipped up a spreadsheet and listed my split times to get a visual feel for where I stand currently. In the overarching picture, it’s not atrocious. It could be a lot worse (i.e. I could have NO times because I never picked up running!).

As of now, I will probably not race again until Glass Slipper 2015. Current PRs are as follows (splits and races):

5K split: 38:36 (2014 MCHH)

10K split: 1:20:15 (2014 MCHH)

15K split: 2:05:59 (2014 MCM)

Half split: 3:01:41 (2014 MCM)

5K race: TBR (to be run…I have not raced in a 5K yet!)

10K race: 1:25:33 (2013 ERC Turkey Trot 10K)

Half Marathon: 3:06:48 (2014 PHM)

Marathon: 6:51:51 (2014 MCM)

(Amazing that all those PR splits resulted from Marine Corps races! Must be something about the atmosphere that makes me not want to disappoint.)

Currently, I have no clue what my pace per mile is. By simple division, I’m landing between 12.5 and 14.5 mpm, but that fluctuates with every race. Aside from the MCM (which I’m swearing right now I won’t do another full), I have a feeling that I can easily beat all of my race and split PRs next year with a little extra training.

How have your races been this year? Any fantastic PRs? Is your racing schedule not quite done yet and you have some fun winter races scheduled?

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One Week Later… Post-Marathon Thoughts

It’s been one week since a multitude of runners descended upon the streets of Washington D.C. and participated in the Marine Corps Marathon/MCM10K. Personally, I wish I was back in D.C., exploring around, drinking all the vanilla lattes I can get my hands on (and revisiting Georgetown to have a cupcake or five!). Alas, I’m in Edinboro, on my couch (with a knee brace on my right leg), watching some kind of snow, sleety wintery mix fall down outside with Big Bang Theory on in the background.

I’ve had time to reflect upon last weekend. Here’s what’s been going on in my brain:

I feel very lucky: A lot of people whose blogs I have read or posts I have perused mention a myriad of injuries they had sustained during a marathon. The first couple of days were nothing but stiffness and general soreness (aka Penguin Mode; waddling side to side just to get anywhere). Now, a week later, I can walk with zero pain, and most of the pain has disappeared. However, my right knee is giving me a lot of problems, especially if I have to utilize stairs. Pinterest and internet research indicates that it’s my MCL that’s causing the pain (to be more specific, a grade one injury since I can still walk on it without falling down). Also, my two big toenails are starting to turn a splotchy purple. I’m reeeeeally hoping that they don’t fall off.

What the hell is this runner’s high that people speak of? If you read my recap, you’ll know that I entered a world of runner grumpiness pretty early on and it only got worse as the race progressed. After the race, I was still pretty moody. And the day after that…and the day after that….and the day after that… Seriously, I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I should be feeling elated and on top of the world after accomplishing the greatest athletic feat of my life. Nope. Still moody and grouchy. (A busted MCL and snow in the forecast doesn’t help.)

Holy crap….I actually survived and finished. I lived to tell the tale!

Would I do another marathon? Absolutely not. Not unless you wanted to pay off my student loans…all six-figures of it.

Good food makes me happy. I went grocery shopping last night and excitedly bought all the healthy foodies. I also bought some Milano cookies as a treat (mint creme and holiday peppermint). Usually, I’m a cookie monger, but I wasn’t really feeling them, especially the mint ones. I was also mentally calculating the individual vs. economy size versions of food and which would be the better bargain. (Ex. A single Chobani yogurt vs. the 32 oz. version. Hint: the 32 oz. wins…but I bought a single apple Chobani as a special treat.)

BITS for BIBS: I received an email from EnergyBits as part of their BITS for BIBS campaign. All I had to do was submit a photo with me wearing my bib (I chose my Beat the Bridge picture), order more Bits, and in turn, I’d get a $50 swag bag and get a little PR on Twitter/Instagram and placed on a promo card! I thought that was the coolest thing since sliced cheese, so I submitted my stuff. There will definitely be a runDisneyBelle Review when I get my stuff in.

Anyone else have post-marathon thoughts? Good luck to those running the NYC Marathon this weekend!