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Glass Slipper Challenge 2015: Adventures on Adventures

Wow. It’s hard to believe that just a week ago I was in Florida ready to race my third Princess Half (second Glass Slipper Challenge). I do not miss the snow and cold that I came back to here in Pennsylvania, that’s for sure!

The begins, we have to go back to last Thursday. I left Edinboro around 1:30 AM to head to PIT for my red-eye flight at 6AM. Needless to say, traveling to get there was like navigating the Millennium Falcon at lightspeed: it was a whiteout for the first 60% of the trip. Scary scary stuff. I hit PIttsburgh and naturally everything was clear as a bell. This normally two-hour trip turned into a 2.5 hour trip, but I arrived unscathed at PIT around 4-ish. I did the security thing, and ran into at least four other runners in line that were all going to be racing the PHM! That was a great way to start getting excited at 4:30 AM.

I did the flights, one from PIT to LGA, then down to MCO. When I got off the plane…it was a balmy 47 degrees. (Seriously…I went to FL to get AWAY from the cold!) The rest of the day was slightly dull…basic check in and getting acquainted with the hotel.  I stayed at the Park Inn by Radisson. Not a bad place to stay.

Friday = expo…stay tuned 🙂

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Princess Shopping Trip

B9RiWExCUAATpJ5…there’s a lot of purple here. I like purple.

You know it’s runDisney time when I go to the sports store and buy all the things. There’s something about the array of colors and products available to us athletes that is too good to pass up!

The above runner haul includes:

-Underarmour Heat Gear shirt (I have two others in light blue and white. LOVE these.)

-Underarmour visor ($5…marked down from $20! Plus it matches the shirt!)

-Experia sockies with Thorlos pads.

-Honey Stingers in Vanilla Bean and Honey (light and very delicious).

-GU in Vanilla (my fave on the PHM course….Mocha is a close second).

What are some of your favorite things to buy at the sports store?


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runDisney: TOMORROW!!!


Princess Half weekend begins tomorrow for this girl! I’m thrilled to be returning to Disney for my third consecutive PHM weekend and second Glass Slipper Challenge. Even though it’s gonna be a little chilly in Florida to begin with, anywhere that isn’t Edinboro will be amazing. (We had -18 temps here earlier this week. My poor car didn’t start and that sent me into a panic over how I was going to get to the airport! But she works fine now, so yay 😀 )

I’m a little apprehensive heading into these races. I feel severely undertrained; I’m definitely not at the same level that I was at last year. So I’m just going to go for it–easily–and hope to not get swept. I have been eating quite well, so maybe that’ll make up for something? I don’t stop for on-course entertainment so that will bide me some time. Ultimate goal, as with any race, is to enjoy it to its fullest. I am SOOOOOO pumped to be running down Main Street in Magic Kingdom once again (the “Storm the Castle” portion).

I very much look forward to my annual winter trip to Florida. Hopefully the weather can hold back a little so I can make it to the airport for my 6AM flight tomorrow. I”m keeping an eye on that radar….

P.S.: Feel free to follow me on Twitter and Instagram: @runDisneyBelle. 🙂

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runDisney: T-5 Days and Counting

*looks out window*

Current status: Hoth. I cannot WAIT to be in Florida.

Exhibit A:


Now granted, every time the Weather Channel RTs me, it’s the best day ever, no matter how cold it is. But if you look closely, that’s all the drifting outside of my apartment. I had to climb over hills of snow just to get inside. With Winter Storms Neptune and Octavia on the horizon, I will be happy just staying inside under my nest of blankets with Pinterest and tea…

How are you surviving the onslaught of chilly weather?

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All Systems Go: Eight Days!


I just completed the final task in my Glass Slipper Challenge checklist: booking the hotel. (Pictured above: Park Inn by Radisson Resort and Conference Center.)

If you haven’t utilized Groupon, I highly suggest that you do. It is SO much cheaper than going through the actual website of the place you’ll be staying at. Even in comparison to last year, I’ll be saving about $200 and actually be closer to EPCOT!

Flights and hotel are booked. Ready to do this. See you next week, Disney World!!