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Disneyland Paris Half – excitement and stress time

AHHHHHHH!!! The Disneyland Paris Half has a video out! Save the date! 😀

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There hasn’t been a fitness post here for a while has there? That’s because basically ‘my fitness’ who I like to think of as a small purple gremlin-like creature in trainers that lives somewhere about my person seems to have gone to sleep merely waking up for a 10 minute trot round the block now and again.

Best he/she wake up though as the promotion is beginning for the Disneyland Paris Half marathon which happens Sept 23-25 2016. See, here’s a video….

I’m so unbearably excited, but what if I don’t get a place?……I think there might even be real tears. Rumours have it that registration opens October 1st. Watch this space.

Oh and fitness posts are coming soon. I did a fun 5km Saturday which I need to tell you about, I’ve tested a new machine for injured runners, done Laughter Yoga and worked out in an outfit that Mad…

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