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Skies of Maine


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The Tradition Continues…


I’M IN!!! So pumped to be running four years in a row on my “runnerversary” race: The Princess Half Marathon! The registration process seemed a lot more smooth this year, and I was in and out of in about five minutes. No craziness, no drama (minus some “Bad Gateway” errors from in the minutes leading up to the registration link launch). I’m very happy to retain my Glass Slipper Challenge legacy status, or “Perfect Slipper” status as I saw on Facebook earlier.

Anyone else survive the registration process?? Which races will you be running?

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PHM Registration…11 Days!


Princess Half Registration Countdown: 11 days!

So if you haven’t registered via AP or DVC yet (aka: you’re part of the general public), Princess Half registration is coming up in about a week and a half! Yay!

runDisneyBelle’s runDisney Reminders (not in any particular order):

*Don’t forget to establish your account; the registration goes through this website! Head over to and get this taken care of. If your account is already established, make sure you know your password.

*Have your bank/credit card ready, preferably memorized. You can’t waste time stumbling over numbers. Speaking of numbers, here are the prices for the 2016 PHM Weekend (taken from the runDisney website):

Disney Princess Half Marathon presented by Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals

  • $175 by August 4, 2015
  • $190 between August 5 and August 25, 2015
  • $205 on or after August 26, 2015

Disney Enchanted 10K presented by Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals

  • $110 by August 4, 2015
  • $125 between August 5 and August 25, 2015
  • $140 on or after August 26, 2015

Glass Slipper Challenge presented by Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals

  • $305 by August 4, 2015
  • $340 between August 5 and August 25, 2015
  • $365 on or after August 26, 2015

Disney Princess 5K presented by Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals

  • $65 per participant by August 25, 2015
  • $75 per participant on or after August 26, 2015

*Brew some coffee and wear your favorite runDisney clothing, ’cause why not? Gotta get in the spirit!

*Be in a place that has a strong internet connection. Being kicked off the wifi every ten seconds will hinder the process.

*Remember to breathe. Registration is nuts, and it will seem tedious being placed in an online queue. Once the gates open at noon on July 14th, it’s going to be tense, especially those clamoring after the Glass Slipper Challenge spots, and even moreso if you’re a legacy runner for either the Challenge (*raises hand*) or the Princess Half. More often than not, registration for the race will sell out in less than an hour. The running craze has hit hardcore in the last few years with races EVERYWHERE (and not just runDisney, but you hear about it more often with these races). Selling out in minutes or hours is becoming more the norm.

*Going with the thoughts above, there are only 25,000 spots allotted for the half marathon itself. (Numbers vary for the other races, for which I am unsure of.) If you can’t get into the race, please don’t denounce runDisney or and pitch a hissy fit about how there should be more spots. Yes, it’s frustrating. Your fellow runner buddies can commisserate with your feelings. Active’s servers can only handle so many people before they crash. There is a set number of bibs available through the website AND through charity organizations. If you want to raise a little money for a charity (and there are many that team up with runDisney!) and still be able to run the races, inquire with them! (List has yet to be released as of 7/3/2015.)

*Know your shirt sizes! Even if you order, say, a small during registration, and you get to the expo and you find you’re swimming in it, you can exchange it.

*Know what races you’re going to want to register for, and respect their distances. Here’s a rundown:

*Princess 5K: 3.1 miles

*Enchanted 10K: 6.2 miles

*Princess Half Marathon: 13.1 miles

*Glass Slipper Challenge: 19.3 miles over two days

*Don’t forget that if you want that coveted Glass Slipper medal, you HAVE to register for the challenge. You cannot register for the half and the 10K seperately. runDisney has a wristband system in place for this.

That’s all that I can think of right now! If anyone has any additions or addendums to make, feel free to chime in!

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Disney Says Adieu To Selfie Sticks!


Selfie sticks have been officially banned from Disney Parks.

*insert confetti here*

I understand the need for the perfect picture, I really do. If I’m on a photography rampage, I will be in all kinds of poses trying to get a shot just right. But trying to dodge a six-foot long stick to get to my destination–with possibility of injury–is not appealing at all. There have been many reports within the last year or so about guests bringing the infamous sticks on Disney rides, and they cause all kinds of commotion and problems to the point where they shut a ride down. Hell, even on the runDisney courses runners bring their selfie sticks, causing those of us actually trying to run the race more headaches due to expending energy to dodge these obstacles.

I’m not stranger to the occasional selfie. I do it all the time. Who doesn’t? I just ask that people be smart about it. I try to make sure I don’t have anyone in my vicinity and that the shot is tasteful. And if I can’t get that right shot, what do I do?

Something that has fallen by the wayside over the last decade or so: ASKING SOMEONE TO TAKE MY PICTURE FOR ME. (I actually offered to take a few phone photos for couples that were looking for that perfect selfie shot in front of Cinderella Castle when I was there for Princess Half weekend this year. I couldn’t just stand there watching them struggle…it’s the photographer in me.)

I now look forward to returning to Disney and not worrying about being clotheslined by a metal pole.

DIsney selfie stick

(Photo by Marissa Guffy, a fellow Kappa Kappa Psi brother and current participant in the Disney College Program!)

What are your thoughts on this latest development from Disney? Thoughts on selfies and selfie sticks?