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MCM: 5 Days!

It’s almost here! The 40th Marine Corps Marathon is on Sunday, and I’m pumped to be returning to Washington D.C. I only madr the decision to accept a transfer entry a month ago, and I haven’t trained as well or as much as I had wanted to. (Life gets in the way. Alcohol can be too yummy, as can cake. Packing my life again and moving back to Pennsylvania tomorrow had thrown a wrench in my life, as was sending Michael off to California at 3 AM this morning…)

And the list continues.

Aside from that, I know what works and what doesn’t. Reviewing last year’s MCM will certainly give me insight on how to tackle this year’s race. (ex. Beat the Bridge by 1:15 PM and you won’t get swept! The picture above is me at that mark last year at 1:10 PM. Cutting it close!)

Who’s ready to run with the Marines?! OORAH!



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