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2016 Princess Half Medal Reveal


We princesses have been waiting for this for far too long. Today, runDisney finally revealed the PHM medals!!





I am absolutely IN LOVE with this set of medals, even moreso than from past years. The variation in color, along with it being nautical/Little Mermaid themed, really sets them apart from the hues of sky blue, purple, and pink that we’re so used to seeing with the Cinderella and Frozen themes from the last two years. Seafoam green, jade, teal, glittering gold, even the red make these prominent. Even the lanyards are awesome!

The photoshoot with these medals is outstanding. It gives so much character and excitement for the journey ahead!

I now have a fantastic idea for a race costume. Stay tuned for that one 🙂


Who will be swimming away with these medals in February?


4 thoughts on “2016 Princess Half Medal Reveal

    1. Hi, Danielle! From what I have observed, there is a different princess featured every year. I have only been doing PHM since 2013, which was the 5-year anniversary (I’m guessing all princesses got celebrated). 2014 was the GSC inaugural and that was Cinderella weekend. 2015 was Frozen. The 10K medal has an iconic symbol from that specific movie, so ’14 was Cinderella’s coach, and ’15 was a snowflake. I would like to have a full list of past princesses!


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