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2016 PHM/GSC Waivers and Corrals

Waivers and corrals are finally available for Princess weekend! Woooooo!


Link for waivers:


Once you have your number, check for your corral!





4 thoughts on “2016 PHM/GSC Waivers and Corrals

  1. Thank you for all of the blog updates about the Princess races! They’ve been a huge help!! Just curious if you know about corrals for the 5k…do they have corrals for the 5k and if so how do we know which one we will be in? Thanks!

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    1. Hi there, Tennille! Thank you so much for reading! I’m glad my posts are helping you to get excited for the races 🙂 With regard to 5K corrals, I think there is much more leniency. The 5K is untimed, and I think runners line up according to their pace per mile that they think they will maintain for the duration of the course. I do not believe there are formal corrals with the 5K, hence why nothing is posted about them.


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