2017…Going Goofy!

Yesterday was registration for WDW Marathon weekend. I had been on the fence about registering for just the half (since it’s the 20th anniversary), or signing up for Goofy, because, well, I’m kinda goofy like that. Ha.


Goofy 2017

I figured I’ll be pacing and racing with my Big Brother, Chris, during his second half-marathon. I can also instigate many shenanigans with my team during the full. Coupling the fact that WDW weekend is like a reunion for many runner friends of mine, it’s a perfect combination. I have a feeling Goofy will be a one-and-done for me, then I’ll tackle Dopey in 2018 (also a one-and-done).

With that said…Cg-3oJUXEAA_hct


Did you sign up for WDW Marathon weekend? If so, what will you be racing? 5K, 10K, half, full, Goofy, Dopey??



Life Update!!

Hello, hello, hello! Long time, no blogging.

Since RnR DC, my life has gone from 0-60 in two weeks. It’s about time that I got you all updated with what I’m doing (besides listening to the Hamilton soundtrack 24/7).

First of all, it’s time for a new adventure. After all, life is meant for good friends and great adventure.



I’m happy to announce that I landed a job (YAY!) and will be moving!

YAY! Congrats!! Where to, runDisneyBelle?!

So glad you asked.




…to Washington D.C.! To the place where I can’t seem to stop visiting! Woot woot!

I’ve accepted a position in the hospitality/restaurant industry (I won’t divulge the specifics until everything gets clarified and whatnot), and will be relocating within the next couple of weeks. To say that I’m excited is an understatement. But with all the excitement, there is a lot of anxiety involved since I’m really winging the timing and planning on this. Trying to relocate to one of the more expensive cities in the nation without a lot of money to do it with makes my stomach flip a few times. While I recognize and acknowledge this, I’m focusing on the more positive aspects. 

Being able to move out of Pennsylvania is also going to restore my sanity and my soul. Staying in the same state for years/decades on end with similar living environments can render one stale and lifeless. (Edinboro and Troy are spooky similar with their farmlands and cow poo scent in the background.) I have been naturally drawn to Washington D.C. ever since running the Historic Half in 2014. I had contemplated moving down there after graduation, but my employment in Maine last summer took me away from the potential city life and thrust me in the middle of the middle of the woods. That experience was also refreshing (and the area was absolutely beautiful), but still reminded me a little too much of rural PA. I’m bracing myself for culture shock, and I’ve tasted a bit of that as I’ve looked at apartment rental prices in the area and how much everything DOES cost there. I’m surprised you don’t have to pay for the sunshine.

I thrive when given a challenge, and this may be the biggest challenge I’ve accepted so far in my life. I’ve already made peace with the fact that the first couple of months are going to be focused on one thing: survival. What’s nice is that it’s not like I haven’t experienced situations similar to this before when the survival concept was at the core of my life for an extended period of time. I’m no stranger to hard work, and am absolutely willing to put in the hours needed (no matter how long and arduous they have to be) to make this work. Grit and tenacity will take you places, and I’m happy that I know and value what hard work is, even if it won’t be taking place behind a computer with an extensive salary. (Not to say that might not be an option in the future, but hey…everyone starts from somewhere.)

It may not be the “perfect” job, but someone somewhere saw what I can potentially contribute, and they want me on their team. Feeling needed and wanted in that regard is so…I don’t even know how to describe it. It’s satisfying. Humbling. And a hundred other words. The support that I HAVE received from my runners, friends, brothers, and everyone else has been amazing. Trust me, I’m appreciative of every single one of you. ::insert champagne, cupcakes, and confetti here::

I’m incredibly grateful for this opportunity. It may not appear to be lucrative or the “perfect” job, but it is providing me the chance to begin my professional life. It may not be $40k a year starting out like many young professionals, and I KNOW that it will be nothing short of survival-mode for the first couple of months while I get settled in to the city life. I’m willing to give it a chance. I might not be able to do anything truly fun for awhile, but that’s okay. Why? Because being financially stable with benefits and a future 401K sound perfectly fine to me at the moment.

Now, in the meantime, my racing will take a bit of a hiatus until I can get settled. My priorities at the moment include saving for rent/apartment hunting, networking to meet new people, and striving for the highest in all the things. I may contemplate a race for later in the season, but there’s no set “tour list” for DMV-area races in the near future.

I look forward to documenting my new city adventures. If you are in the D.C./Metro area, I would love to network and meet new friends!

’til next time….

Penn AveT.Jeff

I look forward to blogging from the nation’s capital soon! ❤