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2017…Going Goofy!

Yesterday was registration for WDW Marathon weekend. I had been on the fence about registering for just the half (since it’s the 20th anniversary), or signing up for Goofy, because, well, I’m kinda goofy like that. Ha.


Goofy 2017

I figured I’ll be pacing and racing with my Big Brother, Chris, during his second half-marathon. I can also instigate many shenanigans with my team during the full. Coupling the fact that WDW weekend is like a reunion for many runner friends of mine, it’s a perfect combination. I have a feeling Goofy will be a one-and-done for me, then I’ll tackle Dopey in 2018 (also a one-and-done).

With that said…Cg-3oJUXEAA_hct


Did you sign up for WDW Marathon weekend? If so, what will you be racing? 5K, 10K, half, full, Goofy, Dopey??



One thought on “2017…Going Goofy!

  1. Yay. I’ll be there doing Dopey, as a one-and-done. Franky, too expensive to do more than once right now, haha. Super excited with a little bit of nervousness.

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