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Summer Beauty Roundup

It’s now the end of August! Just…wow. I cannot believe that the 2/3 of 2017 are over with now. This year has been crazy! I’m getting excited for autumn (even though this will be my first year NOT experiencing leaves turning and temperatures dropping), and can’t wait to eat and drink all things apple. No offense, pumpkin fans, but I’m simply not a lover of the pumpkin-everything trend. They’re great for decorating and making traditional pie, but pumpkin spice cereal and Pringles and Oreos? No thanks.

With summer winding down and back to school season is ramping up, there is still time to stock up on favorite beauty products. I’m going to be sharing my favorites today that have gotten me through the summer and seasons beyond. If you’ve been following along for a couple of years, I wrote about this in 2015 when I lived in the middle of the woods in Maine. You can check out those products, and you’ll find that some of them have still stayed in my beauty bag ever since!

And here we go! (Heads up: affiliate links ahead!)



Making the transition between tough and gritty Washington D.C. to sunny, humid Florida called for a lighter face lotion and a fruity face wash. Alba creates incredible products that are face and enivironmentally friendly. The face wash smells like pineapple popsicles, and the moisturizer  is clean and lightweight; it absorbs quickly, and you only need a little bit for all-over coverage. (Due to the minimal amount that you actually need, the jar can last at least six months or more!)


No matter what season you are in, a solid suncreen is a must. Winter will be here soon, and if you’re in the land of snow, I bet you can attest that a sunburn by snow reflection is never fun! This aerosol Banana Boat sunscreen has been my BFF this summer; perfect for reapplication in the theme parks, at the beach, wherever!

I have been a diehard Jergens fan since being a dishwasher in Maine. This lotion brings my dry skin back to life, and also soothes any sunburned spots the sunscreen may have missed, like the backs of my arms or my neck.


It’s important to keep your skin protected against the sun. Our lips are sometimes forgotten in the rush to get the sunscreen on the rest of the epidermis. I feel like I’m addicted to Burt’s Bees lip balm, and I buy scents according to the season! I picked up the Coconut & Pear as a summer smell, and the Honey and Vanilla Bean are great for all-year-round. Buy a bunch and toss one in a bag, one in an coat pocket, another in the bathroom…your lips will thank you when they start feeling dry!

Before I head to bed, I apply this Vaseline with Cocoa Butter so my lips are soft and smooth in the morning. Vaseline also has other great properties, such as an anti-chafing product. Before I race, I apply this to my feet and ankles and don’t get any blisters.


Hotter weather (and being an athlete!) calls for a strong antiperspirant! Ban has been a go through throughout the years, and while I have tried other products, I find myself gravitating back to this.


I found this gem a couple months ago while browsing Marshalls for clothes and beauty products. Whenever I need a quick face refresher, I spritz this. The subtle coconut smell takes me to the tropics and keeps my skin hydrated. Note from Christina: You will probably have better luck finding this at a Marshalls or TJMaxx. I picked it up for $6!


Being an avid coffee consumer, I’m constantly seeking a great toothpaste to decrease the stains on my teeth. Usually, I go in with baking soda to “exfoliate” the stains and follow up with toothpaste, but this toothpaste takes the cake. In the first use, my teeth were dazzling and it looked like I had never had coffee in my life. It has a pleasant minty taste and knowing that it strengthens enamel is an additional plus as I’m starting my thirties.

What products were your favorites this summer? What are your go-tos for other seasons or for back-to-school?!



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