Meet Christina


Hello, everyone! Welcome to my life that is the Glass Slipper Chronicles. Key’s in the conch shell, come on in!

I originally grew up in rural Pennsylvania among the cows and cornfields. I focused on and studied music intensively (saxophone, percussion, and vocals) all through high school and in my nine years of collegiate life. I’m in my happy place when I have my camera in hand, Kenny Chesney on the radio, and a vanilla latte pumping through my veins. I have finally relocated to Florida after talking about it for about five years. (A passion for travel and a wanderlust heart will do that to you)!



These here chronicles document all kinds of things about me: running, life, traveling, Universal Orlando/Disney World, the list goes on. Mainly, though, it’s about running: I started in 2013 during graduate school, and my first race was the Princess Half Marathon in Walt Disney World. Later that year, I hit my quarterlife crisis, and dove into training for my first challenge, the 2014 Glass Slipper Challenge, as a healthy outlet. The result has been incredible: nine half marathons, three full marathons, several 10ks/5ks/virtual runs, lots of road trips (#AreWeThereYet?!), and countless friends made in real life and online through the running community. I’m a proud member of #WeRunSocial, Team Sparkle, Team runDisney, Team Nuun, and Team Shenanigans. Running with friends makes the experience 15872930x better!!

WRS PHM 2017

I have a passion for storytelling and a knack for photography. Keeping it real with you is what I do best. Feel free to also follow my adventures through Twitter and Instagram! If you ever want to talk Disney, coffee, The Simpsons, running, music, storm chasing, or anything at all, let me know! I’m always down for good conversation.

See y’all at the finish line…or in Disney World…or both!





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