Greetings From DC!

Hello from Washington, D.C.! Be prepared for many updates from the 2017 Marine Corps Marathon! 💛❤️🖤


The Weekly Review 

October is in full swing…yet it still feels like July in many parts of the country. Trust me, I feel your pain on this! October is supposed to be the time for cooler temperatures and falling leaves (a la picturesque New England), not tank tops and sweating. Hopefully this heat wave breaks soon. Is it just me, or does it seem like the traditional seasons are a month behind schedule?

I would like to start this week’s recap by congratulating all of the Chicago Marathon finishers! I watched the majority of the race on NBCSN, following Twitter updates, and the Chicago Marathon app for runner tracking a few friends.

While I was disappointed that I had to defer, you can bet that I am excited to run next year!


363 days to go!

Now that Chicago is finished, the next big marathon coming up is Marine Corps Marathon. It’s less than two weeks away!


I’ve been getting some incredible mileage at work and the soreness in my feet are a testament to that. I still have not done a 20-miler yet, but I’m hoping to do that on Tuesday. And by 20-miler, I mean traversing 20 miles in any way, shape, or form that I can–which will probably mean playing in the park from open to close.

Friendly reminder: I consider my training “unconventional”. I don’t focus on speed, but I focus on mileage, and time spent on my feet. No matter the speed, we all cover the same distance in the end. I also supplement said mileage with other workouts and weight training.


10 days ’til I fly up. It’ll be worth it for views like this once again!

The 2018 Credit Union Cherry Blossom Race Ambassador applications are officially open! The application period ends October 19th, and is limited to the first 500 applicants. Three lucky runners with a knack for social media and internet presence will be selected to represent the famous race weekend in a variety of settings, along with acquiring some sweet perks:


I ran the Cherry Blossom 10-Miler this year and it was a fantastic time, albeit kind of chilly! I’ve had several friends reach out to me about applying, so I’ll definitely be throwing my name into the fray. If you think you have what it takes, head to the CUCB website and fill out the application!




Hello, October

hello october

Out of all the months on the calendar, October has to be at the top of the list for me. Nothing can replicate the atmosphere in which this month encompasses: changing leaves, cooler temperatures (for my friends up north), apples and pumpkins, college football and marching bands, homecomings and rivalry games, loads of candy, warm autumnal colors sprinkled with the glitters of seasons’ past, that general feeling of coziness as wardrobes change from sheer tops and shorts to soft sweaters and jeans…

This list can go on.

october printable

October is also peak time for fall marathons! My days off request for Marine Corps Marathon just got approved today, so I am set and ready to head back to DC to seek redemption for this race. If you didn’t know already, I was swept in 2015. Coming back to Charge the District, Beat the Bridge, and Take the Iwo will give my heart the closure it needs. I will be running with Chris and our friend, Lauren, and they will be completing their first marathons!

HHN 2017

Halloween Horror Nights is in full swing at Universal Orlando, and every shift feels like I’ve run a marathon afterwards! I average between 6-8 miles a night, and while that may not seem like a lot, I am constantly walking around between a variety of positions. There is a lot more that goes into the logistics of attractions operations than one may realize. I could be covering five different positions in a rotation in one night, which includes a LOT of guest interaction/service, queueing, ramping, loading and unloading cars, etc. I have a fantastic team to work with, and it makes the experience really fun and tolerable.

Now, with MCM around the corner and runners everywhere starting to enter Taper Town, here are some thoughts that I have…

Christina’s Thoughts on Marathon Tapering While Working in the Real World:

When it comes to marathon training, yes, the mileage is important, but the overall time spent on your feet is even more critical. If you’re not used to moving around for 4+ hours in one sitting, it’s going to suck come marathon day and you will probably tire out a lot faster. This is the biggest difference between my training now and from two years ago. Back then, I had a desk job in New Hampshire and wasn’t burning even a quarter of the calories I should have been. Two years later, my job is very active and requires more attention to my diet and the signals my body gives me. I play in the park a lot, and that gives me even more mileage, which I’m happy for. I make smarter choices with food to give my body the fuel it deserves, and I cut out alcohol and junk food no less than a month before the race.

Since I’ve been on the closing squad with my HHN crew for more nights than I can count, I am trying to figure out when I should attempt my last high mileage day before “tapering”. I put taper in quotations only due to closing several shifts in a row once again the weekend before MCM. For my first MCM in 2014, I tapered a full two weeks. (Being in grad school really helped this.) 2015, not so much. I’m curious to see what will happen in the next couple of weeks as I prepare to head back to DC.


Do you have any fun plans for October?! Any races or trips?


Happy National Coffee Day!


For coffee fanatics and lovers everywhere, it is National Coffee Day!

Call me basic, but I love taking artsy fartsy pictures of coffee. I’ve collected my favorite pictures from over the years for today’s compliation post. Mugs, latte art, quotes…I’ve got it all here. Enjoy, and Happy Friday!

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Camera lens tumbler here!


Get your peace of mind with this book!

coffee bean


Interested in coffee history and fun facts? Coffee Nerd is the book for you!




Mmm…donuts. Get this BigMouth Inc. donut mug to add to your collection!





One of my favorite sightings from grad school. 



It’s the Autumn Equinox!

Happy First Day of Fall! For me, this is my favorite time of year: cooling temperatures, hot beverages, foliage peeping, the smell of apple cider, Halloween…the list goes on. This will be my first fall not in an area up north. I am quite happy to be in Florida, but I really wish I had a vacation house in New England. I would retreat until the first snowfall and then come right back. 

So in the spirit of the season, here are some of my favorite pictures that I have taken: 

The locations of these pictures range from New England to Washington D.C., with the majority at Edinboro University, my alma mater. 
I know they’re pretty, but please do not use without my permission, and always give credit if you do. Each one has a unique story and technique that cannot be replicated through the eyes of another.

It’s Hurricane Season…

Welcome to this edition of “Florida’s Hurricane Season”! Here is my update on my preparations…

I have been prepping the past couple of days and studying the radar for the past week. Being a bonafide weather weenie, I’m excited to experience a true hurricane in whatever form it will be once it makes landfall in Florida. I did get to experience Sandy in 2012 in NWPA, and prepped accordingly during that. We got some wind and rain, and I ended up with cupcakes for days. At the time of this writing, it is still two days away. Anything can happen. GFS models and spaghetti plots can only show so much.

I refuse to submit to the ultra-hyped hysteria that is sweeping social media. I’ve mentioned this on some of my other channels: unless Irma comes  to my door with a chainsaw, I’m remaining chill. No good decision ever came from being in a panic. Obviously the danger with ANY storm remains real. You just have to be smart.

This will be me at some point.

As I’ve been prepping, I’ve thought of some conventional Hurricane Hacks:

-Head to the flower/garden or electronics section of Walmart. The register will probably have fewer people than the main registers. Just make sure you have <10 items.

-Buy a flash drive to back up your pictures, documents, music, etc.


-Out of bread? Bake cookies/muffins or buy cake. It’s still bread, and you can spread almond/peanut/sunflower butter on them and have your carbs ready to go. Don’t have eggs? Applesauce or pumpkin puree will also work.


-Don’t see normal water? Try coconut water, or buy a Brita and fill random containers around the house and stick in your fridge/freezer. This includes coffee mugs/tumblers, empty water bottles (stick in freezer for ice packs), gelato containers…

-Toilet paper running low? Need a quick wipedown/”bath” and the power is out? Use baby wipes! It’ll work in a pinch.

-Need sandbags? Other things can work, like kitty litter or potting soil. (Works wonders for northerners needing more traction in their cars during snow season.)


While this is potentially serious, and have acknowledged what has already happened so far, it is important to maintain a sense of humor. I appreciate all of the memes and silly events and whatnot that have emerged, and of course, I have Simpsons references for days. (Rubix cubes, anyone?) 

I will update as the excitement unfolds.